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Natural Home Remedies For Minor Sunburns

The First remedy on our list is “Prevention”

The best hours in the day to spend out doors are early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the UV rays are low. Make sure the kids spend lots of time outside during these hours.

Sunburn image

2. Wear sun protective clothing. By far safer than any chemical sunscreen. It will protect your child’s delicate skin without the chemicals. Sunhats and sunglasses are great too.

3. Next on our list, “cut up some potatoes“. As strange as it may seem, this old traditional home remedy is safe for children. Get 2 potatoes, wash them, cut them into small cubes blend in the blender or food processor. Gently pat your child’s skin with the pureed potato. You can also place the pureed potato on a clean gauze and place on the burn.

4. Don’t have a potato? “Slice some cucumbers instead”. Wash them well and cut them into small thin layers. Place cool slices on the burn. Kids can eat the leftovers too.

5. Another old home remedy, is to soak your child in a “cool oatmeal bath”. Just cold enough to offer a wonderful relief on an minor burn. A half cup to a cup of oatmeal mixed with the water will be fine. Do not use soap. Pat your child gently with a soft towel.

6.Cold milk.” Besides of being a good source of Vitamin D, it can be a great option right out of your fridge. Soak a soft facecloth in equal parts, cold milk and cool water, wring it out and gently press it on the minor burns.

Embrace the sun safely and chemical free (TM)

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