About us….

Growing up in sunny South America, spending my free time outdoors, my parents always made sure we wore a plain white t-shirt at the beach or in the pool to protect us from getting sunburned. I am so fortunate that my parents were aware of the dangers of sun damage and did what they could to keep me safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

My parents taught me to always use some form of sun protection, but after my first child was born, it became even more important to me. I felt a vital need to share my knowledge and awareness with other parents as well. As a concerned, eco-conscious parent, I understand that you want your precious children fully protected when at school or during outside play without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. We want to make sure that our little adventurers stay safe and healthy, and we want to offer that same peace-of-mind to our customers.

Our goal at AMI SOL is to provide comfortable, stylish clothing that allows children to play in the sunshine, absorbing healthy vitamin D, without suffering the effects of harmful UV rays. Our clothing exceeds rigorous Australian and New Zealand standards of UVB and UVA protection (a proven UPF of 50+). A typical T-shirt only offers 15% or less protection (source CDC, Center for Disease and Control). Our garments are completely free of chemical sun-protection treatments, which can irritate the skin; as well as free of Phthalates, Formaldehyde and lead. Our sun protection comes from  natural fibers like cotton. And better yet, we offer organic cotton!

We chose the name Ami-Sol for a reason. Ami means “friend” in French and Sol means “sun” in Spanish. At Ami-Sol, we believe that the sun can be a friend to our children.

At Ami Sol we stand firmly with our campaign against harmful chemical UV filters, that pose more harm to our skin and our environment that the sun itself! We stand for natural healthy sun protection free-of-harsh-chemicals. We are the second generation to prove it can be done!

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