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I am thrilled to announce that I changed the display of my booth at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market.  I incorporated some more wood to add a natural touch and I will use only natural colors for the table covers and displays.

Ami Sol at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market

Another great news, which I am so happy about  is, that I got my new organic fabrics for my next collection. And I wanted to share the Quality Control I do on my process. I draw a 10 x 10 inch square, in each color, I  cut them and laundren them to measure the shrinkage on the fabric.

Depending on the shrinkage it should not be more than 3% and I adjust the specs accordingly to assure the garment measurements are perfect!

The new colors I will have for my next line, of my unique organic sun-protection clothing are: the beautiful Lavender you see on the images, a super trendy Fuchsia,  an earthy Olive Green and a super cool Light Blue Indigo. I cannot wait for every one to see my new designs and 2012 collection!

For more info checkout my website

Update: I will post pictures of my new color fabrics soon, stay tune….

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Beeing a Green Company with Recycled Costco Boxes

Those good old boxes you see at any Costco, can be transformed into wonderful displays for your business, office supplies or any  household or school project. See my pictures below.

I turned these boxes into clip boards. Truly reusing, recycling, saving money and the environment!

This last picture, I am showing my displays made out of Costco boxes. Think about how to display your merchandise in an ecofriendly way. I always tell that to my customers and people like to know and see that we care about reusing and recycling. It gives a real human touch to your business!

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Ami Sol’s Signs Made By Hand ….. From Scratch Fabric …..

To give a unique touch to my booth at my shows, markets  and fairs, I made these signs.

Reuse all that left over fabric and transform it into display signs for your booth. It gives a human touch and uniqueness to your business

The images speak for themselves!

Soon to come…. how to make cool displays, and office supplies out of those unwanted cardboard boxes.

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Oaktoberfest in the Dimond with Ami Sol.

Last Saturday Ami Sol had the pleasure of participating a the 4th annual Oaktoberfest in the Dimond District in Oakland California. A truly remarkable event and super family friendly and eco-friendly festival!

People were enjoying their beers on glass mugs, not a single sign of plastic cups on this event. Even children were enjoying  their lil’ choco glass mugs. There was a fantastic music group selection during the whole event, puppet shows, a claiming structure, a jumpy.

I was proud to display my newly handmade sign a the festival and I was so pleased to see the great response of my  customers with my children and baby tees concept and message behind it.

A special thanks to  Laurie J. Earp, the coordinator,  for making the Oaktoberfest  a successful event. I am looking forward to participating in 2012!


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Transforming Sun Protection into Beautiful Clothing Where…..

  • Parents love to get for their children!….

  • And kids love to wear because of the softness of my exclusive fabrics!….

  • And grandparents love to buy for their grandchildren because of my unique designs!

Adding a little twist to my children tees, has been such pleasure. And I am so exited to see the response from my customers. Having customers coming back for more, is the best feeling. Probably those who have experienced it, know how it feels.

    Getting the elements ready to transform  my cute turtle tee adding this ruffle at the bottom.

All ready to go…..

Pins in place, and one of my biggest fan graciously watching.

His brother is taking the picture, this time. My boys love watching me work and help me so much. With boxes, taking pictures, and their feedback is so important to me. Many times, they are right on the money, when it comes to helping me choose colors and styles!

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Spice of Life Festival, Berkeley California.

The 9th annual North Berkeley Festival was held last Saturday Sept. 17, and it was an amazing event. And as usual, the great Berkeley Family oriented crowd was such a delight!

   The music bands selection were fabulous!

I felt so proud that my newly re-designed tees were a hit at the event!    I am almost sold out with my line and I am getting ready preparing for my new collection, and I am so exited!

A special thanks to the organizer Heather Hensley and to Lisa Bullwinkle for helping coordinate the event.

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The Beauty Of Transformation!

It has been awhile since I last posted, for a good reason. Kids and summer, being busy working at the always wonderful Farmers Market and at our wonderful local Down Town Santa Rosa Market.

But now, I am doing what I love doing the most, besides being with my family, which is transforming my tees collection  into a fun new design. Piking the colors for my new line and coming up with new super fun ideas and designs.

Here is the perfect example of one of my tees.

I decided to make it a little more fun! I bought some colorful yellow ruffle and some green thread to match the green color of the vine. I went to Joann Fabrics with my good friend Maru, who has great taste and who is  amazing with the sewing machine, much better than me!

All in place to start…..right at home on my kitchen table.

I hand sewed the ruffle to the tee, it took me half an hour. My youngest son, is curiously watching while my oldest son is my “professional” photographer!. Can’t be better that this.

And here is is….. voila…. I think it turned out pretty cute. It is right now in the washer and dryer for testing. Since quality is important to me, so I have to test it before you!

I took a pick at the dryer and it looks pretty darn cute.  I will make one of each size ready for sale this week!

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Nanotechnology and Sunscreens, What You Need To Know…..

Think Twice, Before you apply sunscreens to your children this summer….

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of matter at the molecular scale and has the potential to fundamentally alter the way people live, by providing new drug delivery systems, faster and cheaper manufacturing processes, cleaner and more efficient energy generation, new materials, clean water and the next generation of computing devices

How is Nanotechnology used in sunscreens?

Nanoparticles are defined as having dimensions less than one hundred nanometres.

They are smaller than human cells, with some being approximately the same size as important biological molecules.

Sunscreens contain ingredients that absorb or scatter UV-radiation from the sun to prevent sunburn. Metal oxide nanoparticles, and particularly zinc oxide, efficiently protect over a broader UV range than any of the molecular UV-absorbers.

What are the concerns over the use of nanoparticles in sunscreens?

The basis for most concerns over the use of nanoparticles in sunscreens relates to their small size.

These size-related concerns include the potential for nanoparticles to: 

  • penetrate human skin and enter the body
  • get inside living cells
  • interact directly with biomolecules and alter their properties

By reducing the zinc particles, sunscreens are now more effective and almost invisible! scary!

Sunscreens that contain particles of metal oxides appear milky or white when applied to skin.

Sunscreens that contain very tiny particles – nanoparticles – of metal oxides are transparent when applied to skin. Sunscreens that contain molecular UV-absorbers are also clear.

A Healthy Approach to Prevent Sunburn

Our children need the sun for Vitamin D. There are other non-chemical but natural ways to prevent sunburn:

1. Limit the time when the sun is the strongest, between 11 and 3PM.

2. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon and the best times for children to be in the outdoors and there is no need to apply chemical sunscreens.

3. A hat and a good sun shirt are by far a better option than chemicals on their bodies.

4. The optimal SPF or sun protection factor is to use the sun with caution. And as parents we can be the best role model for our children and teach them that!

5. Teach your children to love the skin color they were born with. The misconception that having a “nice tan” is wrong and dangerous.

“most of this scientific information was taken from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia”  This science agency and one of the largest and most diverse research agencies in the world.

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Doof a Palooza Oakland Festival, at the Jack London Square

What an incredible place. I think the pictures speak for themselves..Doof a Palooza Oakland

Doof is Food backwards…..A Festival to celebrate good food and local entrepreneurs doing their elevator pitches. 

Jack London Square

There were many local Bay Area Entrepreneurs showing their new business ideas with hundreds of people.

Oakland finest, Jack London Square is a gorgeous place to hang out with your family, right on the bay.

There were vendors from all the bay area, and it was quite inspiring to see so many new companies showcasing their new ideas and products. We sure are lucky to live in such entrepreneurial environment!

Ami Sol was there for sure giving information about healthy sun protection. Surprisingly a lot of people are still unaware of the bad chemicals found on sunscreens, so I was glad to pass out this information.

Here I am at Doof a Palooza. A special thanks to the organizer Lisa Bullwinkel for pulling off a fabulous event! Looking forward to participating again next year.

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At The Santa Rosa Farmers Market Spreading Some Sun Protection Tips

Another wonderful day at our local Certified Market.

I did a hand made poster, [from recycled Costco cardboard boxes] with lots of useful information about healthy sun protection. Many customers had no idea about some of the information, which I  discovered throughout my market research. I was so glad to share it with so many people.

It is so awesome to see so many local vendors at our farmers market. I even bought a honey bee jar from a local bee keeper. My youngest son suffers badly from Spring allergies, and I heard that a teaspoon of local honey bee will help him.  I also learned at the Farmers Market, that grabbing some of those flying pollens we see in the air, and adding them to the cereal, can be  a natural way for our bodies to fight the allergies.

WOW what a great place we live in, full of natural options. How lucky we are….

Thanks Paula again, for running a market so well for so many years….

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